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Single Elimination Playoffs  
  Tuesday at TBPS at 6:15 Tuesday at TBPS at 7:30 Tuesday at TBPS at 8:45 Wednesday at TBPS at 6:15 Wednesday at TBPS at 7:30 Wednesday at TBPS at 8:45
Mar. 22 and 23 Game 1      Acupunks vs Serves You Right Game 2         Doyon vs I'd Hit That Game 3        Blackback Bumpers vs That's What She Set Game 4        Swanson vs Evans Game 5        Bender's Burritos vs Doyon Game 6      Blackback Bettys vs Acupunks
Mar. 29 and 30 Game 7      Roy vs W3

Game 8      Bender's Burritos vs Blackback Bettys 

championship upper div.

 Game 12 

Doyon vs Acupunks 

early game eliminated school concert in gym

Game starts at 7:00

Game 10      W7 vs Swanson championship lower div.

Game time is 8:15 

Game 11 loser game 3 vs Evans - consolation game








Green = Double headers

Blue = Crossett Brook Middle School

TBPS gym schedule: 

CBMS gym schedule 

Paid for 2015: Swanson, Doyon, Blackback Bettys, Evans, Blackback Bumpers, Roy, Serves you Right,  Accupunks,Bender's Burritos, I'd Hit That, That's What She Set ($235 missing $25)